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Looking forward to Friday!

OMG I am so looking forward to Friday! That is when my KIB210 assignment is due in. Then I'll be rid of it WOOHOO!!!!!!!!!!! Then I have a new assignment but it's way easier ^^!!!

OMG I miss everyone, although I'm on MSN and all still I feel so detached. Everyone is so busy these days and I feel like I'm just writing my assignment every second of the day or thinking about it every second of the day.

Been talking to Vicky today ^_^'s always good to catch up. OMG Fran, I haven't talked to you in awhile! I hope that we can catch up again really soon =)
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yay.... u must updated this LJ more often
and where's Tegoshi icon? :P:P
I don't even KNOW how to have different icons for LJ. I really have no idea. Realistically I'd like to use more than 1 icon =_=
Fran has put them up for me, not that I have figured out how to alternate them x.x or is it automatic?
I'm so happy to see ya on msn today~!!*hugs*
hope u like your temporary layout:D
omgudd!! you have TEGO on your layout!?!?!!?! o___O hahahaha

you ought to fiddle around w/ lj more ya' know ;)
It's made by dear Fran!!! I knew you'd be shocked hahaah who isn't!

Yeah I suck @ LJ :S