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Finally I'm on mid-semester break! I am totally happy...results were just released for the semester and I passed EVERYTHING. I am SO pleased because I was so iffy about Microeconomics! But I actually managed to scrape a CREDIT for it. It's a true miracle. What's even funnier is my High Distinction for Property Investment. I swear I did not answer the final exam that well...but apparently MCQs work magically in my favour and I've landed myself a great mark. I'm so thankful for it all! Now I can say that I'm looking forward to next semester.

On the fun side of things, I'm anticipating the airing of Maou. Having fully watched the korean version on Ami's recommendation, I now have rather high expectations for this. I hope it's good! I also saw a quick special clip of the HYD looks quite good. I really want to see it. Still got a bunch of pending meetups with friends I haven't had time to see in ages! Let the holiday mode begin err continue :D
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