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New layout

Finally writing in here again! spinycactus made me a new layout :O Thank you <3! Today I met up with my best friend. It was supposed to be a shopping trip but not that many things interested me. Somehow we ended up in Toys R Us and were looking at plastic bread rolls XD;;; Oh aren't we mature ^^; Well we also tried out a whole array of perfume testers and I'm liking teh smell of CK's "Euphoria" and Davidoff's "Echo" (for women).

Time went by pretty quickly. Just two more weeks before uni resumes. I feel like I haven't had much time to myself this break. I really really want to do something about my sites *sigh* might put me back in web design mode. After all we'll be learning XHTML next semester and it might help to refresh my memory. MatomotoNET's forum got a great revamp and is up and running again. Once again it makes me think I should be doing something more constructive with the little time I have left before I get thrown into 211.

renrui Your uchiwa looks great ^__^ Well worth the effort ^^
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