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SC 4/6/06

Just watched the 4/6/06 SC. The things that I was expecting were there along with things I WASN'T EXPECTING (ie: Jrs singing Hakka Candy again). One comment about he new version, well I personally liked the 2004 ver with KAT-TUN and 4TOPS way better. Okay so that can be a biased opinion reason being that there were MORE people who could sing doing the 2004 than the 2006 version. I still don't know half the jrs on stage and can't even put names to faces so I just go "the one that did that line....." Aside from the Jrs, I finally saw Obachan Rock. I think the first thing anyone would notice would HAVE to be the costumes. They are...DEFINITELY OUT THERE o_O. But the little pictures on their palms were SO CUTE :D The song is sort of cute yet I still prefer Sukiyanen, Osaka. Oh one final thing I noticed was that Pi wasn't wearing the ugly hawaiian shirt for the Daite Senorita perf. What a relief, that was one UGLY shirt (okay it wasn't that bad if one were ON HOLIDAYS..but coupled with a leather jacket it was nothing short of grotesque).

spinycactus Sorry I cannot agree with you about the guy you like LOL. At least I was reasonably fair in judging the OTHER ONE (see how GREAT I am at names?). Thank you for the scans :)
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