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Final week of battling with assignments. The semester is nearly over :D I'm really glad! Next semester sounds interesting and difficult all at the same time but I guess I'll worry about it when the time comes. If I'm a good girl I might do some learning in advance whilst on break XD;

Hm since watching SC 14/5/06 I have been in a bit of K8 mode interestingly. *points to current music* After seeing it performed live, the song really grew on me. Before I only like Mugendai and Kanashii Koi but now I like a few more :) And I haven't watched SC in such a long time too. It's so weird now that most of the jrs seem unfamiliar faces (besides YYY members). I hardly ever watch SC these days because there isn't much reason for me to unless someone worth watching is actually on. I just sit and wait for ppl to inform me when someone good comes on :P

Guess that's all for today *goes to cycle thru music list again*
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