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Why do assignments have be due on the same day?!?!? *pulls hair out* Just when I happily got rid of the other one I discover that I have another two (not including the one due in within the next 10 days) both due on the 24th of April! NOOOOOOOOOOO Why why why why why! I HATE when teachers do this, I hoped that with 2 subjects rolled into one, there would be LESS due date clashes, but things don't see to be looking any better.

*stomps feet on ground*

Well I guess it's a good thing I'm only planning to watch 1 drama next season. Guess I won't have the time for regular 2.

I'm sure lovely people reading this journal will be sick of seeing me complain by the end of the month :P I'll make sure I come in here often enough to write a rant every so often T__T;;

Well, you guys are the only people who make me smile, you know who you are <3 I won't be able to get through this semester without you all.
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